Many people have anxiety about receiving dental treatment.  If this applies to you, you may consider mesa az sedation dentistry.  The Mesa AZ Dentists at Dental Innovations are certified through the DOCS (Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation) and can help you feel relaxed during treatment to make your experience more pleasant.  Sedation dentistry is effective at removing practically any pain associated with dental procedures.

Sedation dentistry techniques include:

  • Oral Conscious Sedation
  • Nitrous Oxide

Dental Innovations has experienced Mesa AZ dental sedation experts that have the abilities to alleviate the anxiety from any patient.  Call today for an appointment and request a private consultation to determine if sedation is right for you.…and get ready to experience a brand new way of visiting your dentist.

Will I feel pain at my Sedation Dentistry visit?

Very few patients feel any discomfort while undergoing treatment and report being surprised at how good they feel afterward.

Does Sedation Dentistry completely relax me?

Although it is important to point out that Sedation Dentistry is not anesthesia, the amount of sedation given to you will keep you unaware of the treatment, as though you were asleep.

Am I left alone during my sedation treatment?

No. In addition to your dentist, someone is with you during the entire procedure strictly to monitor your comfort and safety. A person of your choice may also be present with you.

Will I remember anything after being sedated?

That depends on which sedation method you and your dentist decide on. It is possible you may have little to no memory of your visit.

Will I feel groggy when I’m done?

You will have different results depending on what method you choose. The overwhelming majority of patients feel fine when using nitrous oxide during the appointment. They are able to drive to and from the appointment. With conscious sedation, a friend/relative will be required to drive you home. Most patients are feeling back to normal by the end of the day.

Does my insurance cover sedative treatment?

Insurance typically does cover at least a part of the procedure. Dental Innovations will review your coverage and arrange any financing with you that might be necessary in order to provide you with the care you want.

What are the name(s) of the drug(s) that I will be given?

Dental Innovations is able to provide a variety of safe and effective medications for reducing your anxiety. A few examples includeTriazolam and Valium. Your dentist will consult with you to determine the medication that is best for you.