Bad Breath

Keeping Teeth Clean and Breath Fresh at Work

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How hard is it to keep teeth clean and breath fresh at work?

Materials around the office may just save you from embarrassment of stinky breath and unhealthy looking teeth

breath fresh at workKeeping your teeth clean and breath fresh is a breeze when you’re at home. But what happens when you get to work and you have just swallowed the last bite of your sub sandwich with onions and you have a meeting in an hour?

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The Bad Breath Battle

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Halitosis. That is not the impression you want to leave with people. Halitosis – or bad breath – can ruin a great conversation if you’re sitting close or a romantic interlude at the precise moment you want to make your move.

So how do you battle and beat bad breath? Bad breath is caused by odor-producing bacteria growing in your mouth. When you don’t brush and floss regularly, those nasty bacteria can accumulate on the particles of food left in your mouth and between your teeth.

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