Get Your Smile Ready for Valentines Day

By February 12, 2019Uncategorized
Ready for Valentines Day

How to Get Your Smile Ready for Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is on its way and couples all over the country are seeking strategies to help them prepare their smile and breath for the big night. As everyone wants to be a desirable companion for a romantic evening out with their partner, they will need to walk a fine line between a savory dinner and savoring the evening. Whether you’ll be dining in a 5-star restaurant or enjoying a quiet night in, keeping your breath fresh can play a big role in your enjoyment of the rest of the evening.

Keep Yourself Kissable on Valentine’s Day

A lot of pressure is put on the Valentines dinner and dessert, but while some foods are more exciting to eat, they can leave your breath a little pungent. Try to avoid foods and beverages with strong flavors during your dinner, because that will be the foundation of keeping yourself appealing. Anything flavored with garlic or onions should be off the table for the evening because they contain sulfur compounds that not only linger in the mouth even after brushing, but they also create body odor by getting into the bloodstream. You should also avoid fatty fish such as tuna, spicy foods of any type, and coffee.

On the other hand, herbs such as rosemary, parsley, cardamom, and cilantro can help keep breath fresh, so consider ordering an entree that’s prepared with one or more of these herbs. Entre’s like Rosemary Chicken or Pasta Primavera and drinks like Green Tea instead of coffee can help to start your meal off on the right foot. You should also consider “dining continental” style by enjoying your salad after the main course. Nibbling a light salad and things like almonds after dinner can help clean stronger flavors and debris out of your mouth.

Other Ways to Get Your Smile Ready for Valentines Day

After dinner is over, try to slip away for a quick brush-and-floss. If you aren’t sure about killing stronger flavors, a mouth wash will have a better long term effect than taking a mint. Most mints are primarily sugar, and will eventually leave your mouth sour again.

We hope you have an enjoyable Valentines celebration and we hope these tips will help.