A Happy Smile for the Holidays

By December 17, 2018Dental

Happy Holidays from Dental Innovations!

We wanted to thank you—our neighbors, patients, and friends—for trusting us with your smiles this year! We love seeing your smiles when you walk in and, especially on your way out with stronger, healthier teeth, ready for the new year.

With Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Haunakah and New Year’s all hitting one after another, we understand how much damage can happen to your teeth this time of year. Each of these holidays has days worth of small parties leading up to the actual holiday, or the holiday itself lasts for several days. Our team members take part in the festivities too, even though we know how days, weeks and months worth of sugary drinks and rich foods can affect their teeth and quickly reverse the hard work they’ve done to improve or maintain their smiles. We’re not going to tell you not to celebrate. What we really want to say is, Happy Holidays and enjoy your celebrations!

Yes, the holidays can be hard on your teeth, but your teeth have survived them before and they will again because you know how to take care of them and you know that we’re here to help them recover when the new year begins.

If you want some tips to help your family know what you can do to improve your odds of holiday smile survival, here are some links that may help you:

Click Here
Click Here

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and don’t worry about your teeth, we’ll be here to help keep you smiling!


Dr. Richard Baker
Dr. Brett Barlow