How-to Protect Your Teeth from Halloween

By October 15, 2018At Home Dental Tips
DIM- Protect Your Teeth from Halloween

The holidays are coming, can you protect your teeth from Halloween?

Pretty much everyone likes to feel a little scared at Halloween. We go out of our way to suspend reality and indulge in the feeling of make-believe, but for our teeth, things often get a little out of hand! If Halloween was a scary movie starring your teeth, you’d be on the edge of your seat screaming things like, “Not in there!” and “Don’t eat that!” at the screen, but as it is, your teeth are in danger, and this is just the beginning.

For the next three months, your teeth will be under constant attack from candy, rich food, and flavored drinks! Between the candy and the sweet treats and drinks at school as well as family and neighborhood Halloween parties, you’re going to have a hard enough time protecting your teeth this month alone.

One of the biggest dental dangers to be aware of this Halloween: Candy

It probably doesn’t come as a big surprise to hear that candy poses dental threats, but are you aware of all of the reasons why? Eating candy is fun and tastes good, and there will be a lot of it to enjoy this Halloween. However, as candy starts to dissolve, it spreads a sugary film across your teeth and gums where it sticks and will harden if it’s left alone. The residue is called plaque and it gets thicker, layer by layer, as you continue eating candy. Regardless of the type of candies you prefer, continued plaque buildup can cause:

  • Halitosis (bad breath)
  • Gingivitis (gum disease)
  • Cavities (erosion into the tooth)
  • Tooth Decay (infected pulp inside of teeth)
  • Abscess (pus-filled infections inside of a tooth or jaw bone)

While these are the common dangers that candies can cause in a mouth, different types of candies pose additional threats. threats including hard and chewy candies.

Chewey Candies, including caramels, taffy, and gum, grab teeth and have been known to pull off or pull out:

      • Loose Teeth
      • Fillings
      • Crowns
      • Braces Brackets
      • Veneers

Hard Candies are meant to be sucked on, which is especially hard on your teeth due to the consistent dissolving sugar mixing with your saliva, but many people, especially kids, get impatient and try to bite through them instead. Crunching hard candies can chip, crack, or even break teeth. The weaker the tooth, the easier it will break under pressure.

How to protect your teeth this Halloween

Just because there is a danger posed to your teeth during the holidays, doesn’t mean that you need to be worried, if you are prepared. All you’ll need is a Holiday Survival Kit:

  1. Pocket toothbrush
  2. Pocket toothpaste
  3. Flossing-stick
  4. Mouthwash spray or strips

Make sure you give yourself 30- minutes after eating before you start brushing. In that time, rinse your mouth by drinking water. It will rinse away loose food, sugars, and plaque, and it will neutralize the acids in your mouth left by your food and drinks. Then, find the nearest bathroom, break out your survival pack and brush and floss your teeth. Try to keep your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle pointed at the line where your teeth and gums meet as that’s where the plaque will try to build up. If you are not able to brush and floss, add an extra step of “swishing” the water around your mouth before you swallow.

Pre- Halloween Cleaning

Before you start your holiday season, come in for a cleaning and start your Halloween off on the right foot. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment.