Thanksgiving Tips for Your Teeth

By November 21, 2017Dental

Protect your teeth this Thanksgiving with only 4 easy tips

Thanksgiving is the time for cooler temperatures, falling leaves, football, and a big, hearty meal. As fun and entertaining all these things are, one thing that’s vital to remember, especially during the hearty feast, is taking care of your teeth.

Here are 4 tips to protect your teeth this Thanksgiving:

  • Brush and Floss: As the holiday season kicks in and the sweets start pouring out, it’s more important than ever to continue brushing and flossing twice a day.
  • Stop Nibbling: It’s so easy to nibble all day during this time of year, but try to resist. Nibbling can lead to gingivitis since food remnants are constantly in your mouth and teeth.
  • Drink Water: Drink lots of water to rinse out any food particles that are left in your mouth.
  • Schedule an Appointment: Right after the Thanksgiving weekend, strive to make a dentist appointment just to make sure your teeth are still in tip-top shape.

These tips aren’t here to make you stressed about taking care of your teeth while trying to enjoy Thanksgiving. They are simply here to help make taking care of yourself a little bit easier. So have a great Thanksgiving and we look forward to seeing you at your next appointment!

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