Sirona Co. CEREC

By November 9, 2017cosmetic dentistry, Dental

Get dental implants in just one single visit!

CEREC is a method of CAD/CAM dentistry that creates dental restorations. First developed in 1980, CEREC has come a long way and has made creating dental restorations far easier than it ever was before.

Today, dentists can create a virtual model of a patient’s tooth using the CEREC software. Then the dentist uses the model to construct the tooth restoration and sends it off to a milling machine to be made. CEREC’s innovative technology makes it possible to examine, produce, and integrate ceramic tooth restorations in a single visit. No need to come back for another dental visit.

At Dental Innovations in Mesa, we use Sirona Co.’s CEREC technology. With Sirona Co.’s CEREC technology, dental implants are efficient, has greater value creation and is overall safer. Also, it is fast and a comfortable treatment for patients.

If you’re needing a dental restoration but don’t have enough time for two dentist visits, no worries! At Dental Innovations in Mesa, we use the fastest technology to make sure you get your dental restoration in only one single visit. Call today to make your appointment!