The Worst and Best Candies During Halloween

By October 27, 2017At Home Dental Tips

What candies to eat during Halloween to keep your smile healthy.

Halloween is just around the corner and before you splurge on eating handfuls of candy, here is a bit of information about the worst and best candy for your teeth because everyone knows that your teeth will get hit the hardest from the sugar rush.

The worst candies for your teeth is anything sour, sticky, and hard. Sour candies leave teeth vulnerable to cavities because they contain a high amount of acid which eats away at tooth enamel. Sticky candy can get stuck in teeth crevices and stay longer causing bacteria that quickly leads to cavities. Hard candy damages teeth because not only can it crack a tooth, but since it stays longer in your mouth your teeth are exposed to the sugar longer.

The best candies for your teeth is chocolate, candy bars with nuts, and anything sugar-free. Chocolate is one of the better candy choices because it washes away easier and doesn’t destroy tooth enamel. An even better chocolate option is dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains less sugar and contains epicatechin which slows tooth decay. Candy bars with nuts is a better option because nuts help break up sticky consistencies that candy bars without nuts tend to have and leave sugar on teeth for far less time than candy bars without nuts. Sugar-free candy is obviously a better choice because, well, it’s sugar-free so there’s no need to worry about sugar damaging your teeth in any way.

Obviously, any type of candy isn’t the healthiest choice to eat but can be enjoyed sparingly. At Dental Innovations in Mesa, we wish you all a safe and happy Halloween.