Periodontal Disease: The Gateway Disease

By August 7, 2017Dental, Dental Pain

Studies show that periodontal disease has been linked to 22 different systemic diseases.

Metastatic infections, inflammation and inflammatory injury, and adaptive immunity are three basic mechanisms that have been identified as having a potential role in the associations between periodontitis and systemic diseases. Periodontal infections develop through inflammatory processes and become chronic periodontal pathology with systemic impact if left untreated.

When periodontal infections become chronic, it is metastatic, meaning, it is not limited to just the oral cavity. Brushing teeth, flossing, eating and dental treatment can disturb the ulcerated periodontal tissues that can then send bacteria and inflammatory mediators into the blood. Products and toxins of the ulceration can then disseminate systemically and may adhere at non-oral body sites causing tissue damage and inflammation.

By attracting immune cells and molecules to the site, the inflammatory process protects the body and promotes the healing of affected tissues. However, chronic inflammation can seriously damage healthy tissues and can lead to life-threatening diseases.

The Severe periodontal disease has been linked to:

  1. Heart disease
  2. Infectious endocarditis
  3. Carotid artery stenosis
  4. Stroke
  5. Diabetes
  6. Rheumatoid arthritis
  7. Mouth and throat cancer
  8. Pancreatic cancer
  9. Colon cancer
  10. Kidney infection
  11. Lung infection
  12. Low fertility in men
  13. Erectile dysfunction
  14. Brain abscesses
  15. Cognitive dysfunction/Alzheimer’s
  16. Infectious mononucleosis
  17. Preterm babies
  18. Yeast infection
  19. Multiple sclerosis
  20. Osteoporosis
  21. Pre-eclampsia
  22. Congestive heart failure in dogs.

Realizing that teeth can actually save lives, dentists are emphasizing the association periodontal disease has to other severe diseases to their patients to make sure they are doing everything to prevent this harmful disease. Contact Dental Innovations today to see how you can prevent periodontal disease. It may save you or a loved one’s life.

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