Keeping Teeth Clean and Breath Fresh at Work

By February 7, 2017At Home Dental Tips, Bad Breath

How hard is it to keep teeth clean and breath fresh at work?

Materials around the office may just save you from embarrassment of stinky breath and unhealthy looking teeth

breath fresh at workKeeping your teeth clean and breath fresh is a breeze when you’re at home. But what happens when you get to work and you have just swallowed the last bite of your sub sandwich with onions and you have a meeting in an hour?

Carrying around a travel toothbrush, toothpaste and floss is obviously the best solution for this problem but can be a pain in the behind. Rather than carrying around your teeth equipment, here are some helpful tips that can get your breath fresh and teeth sparkling in minutes before that meeting.

  • Think about what you eat and drink. Before coming into work, think about the snacks you should bring and the best place to get a healthy lunch. Food and drinks that consist of sugars, even natural sugar found in fruits, are the worst for your teeth. Sugar is what bacteria feeds on which then brings cavities and weak enamel. That’s never fun and can become quite expensive. Instead, think of foods that have more fat than sugar. You may be thinking, isn’t more fat unhealthy? Yes, but there are a few fatty foods that still fall under the healthy spectrum. A few examples would be nuts, cheese, and hummus. Then for lunch, try a salad with dressing that is low in sugar and doesn’t have a strong taste. Also, rather than chugging cups of coffee or cans of soda, try sticking to just water as your daily beverage.
  • Keep mouthwash in your desk. Although this falls under teeth equipment and can be a pain to carry around, purchase a small bottle of mouthwash and just keep it in your desk. After a half an hour after eating your snack or lunch, swish a mouthful of mouthwash for a full minute. Make sure to not rinse your mouth after spitting or there’s not point in the mouthwash.
  • Grab a paper towel. When you’re stranded without a sink to swish mouthwash and in dire need of a quick brush, a paper towel can save the day. Take a paper towel, fold it in half and wrap it around your finger. Start scrubbing vigorously and focus on your gumline for better freshness. This isn’t as helpful as an actual toothbrush but is a lifesaver for a fast cleaning.
  • Grow some mint. Growing mint is not only a decorative plant for your desk, but can help with fresher breath. Pluck one or two leaves from the plant and chew on them for a minute or two then swallow. Mint leaves freshen breath and are a better alternative than chewing gums and mints. Plus, your desk will look spectacular with such a plant. Score!

Keeping your teeth healthy and breath fresh may not be as easy at work, but keeping paper towels, mouthwash, mint and choosing food wisely can be a huge teeth-saver.