Soothing Sensitive Teeth

By March 30, 2016Dental Pain

How to Soothe Your Sensitive Teethsoothing sensitive teeth

There is pain, and then there is tooth pain. Not much can compare to the discomfort that comes from sensitive teeth. When your teeth hurt, it is shocking to realize how much you use them every day! And since we cannot avoid it, what can be done to alleviate the unique kind of pain that comes with sensitive teeth?

It is important to identify the cause of your sensitivity. If you need some guidance, this article will help you narrow it down.  A trip to the dentist can correct any structural issues that might have caused the pain. If there is no damage, just sensitivity, then you can usually take care of that at home.

Your best defenses are:


Not just any toothpaste will do, but a paste that has been formulated specifically for sensitive teeth. Specialized types of toothpaste for sensitive teeth have different minerals added to them to help block signals to the nerve fibers within the teeth. When these nerve fibers are kept from receiving signals, like those from temperature changes in the mouth, feelings of discomfort are greatly alleviated.


Regular use of a fluoride, whether in a rinse or in toothpaste, adds minerals to teeth that have damaged enamel. While enamel does not regenerate, the addition of the minerals found in fluoride is a great boost to a tooth’s ability to fight off the damaging effects of acids.

Avoiding Acids

if it is acidic, avoid it as much as you can. Sugars have acids in them and those acids attack the enamel of the teeth. They bond together on surfaces, resulting in plaque buildup and cavities. Sensitive teeth are especially affected by acids and the damage caused by the acids contributes to the increasing sensitivity of the teeth! Avoid soda pop, candy, and citrus. Acids can impair the pH levels in your mouth and body and have degenerative effects on the teeth.

Sensitive teeth might just be a part of your normal daily battle, but you can make small changes that will have big benefits. Tooth pain can be very disruptive, so try modifying your oral hygiene and eating habits so that it no longer affects your life.

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